Bounds on Busy Turing Machines

Wythagarus' 7-State Machine

This project is for acedemic purposes only.

If you are unfamiliar with the busy beaver function, check out my short paper on the topic found here.

findBBn machine search method.
customCustom loader for state/tape
onesSimulate BBn tape output

The machine search method, find, searches all machines with 1-3 states. Prelimanary checks for halt counts and other redundancies are implimented to reduce the necessary test cases. This outputs both S(n) and B(n) for each respective state using a bottom-up approach.

The custom loader, custom, is for testing custom tapes and state input pairs. This can be used to check any of the configuration proof steps in the paper, or to create your own input pair. Currently it is running step 2 from the lower bound proof for Wythagoras' machine (see section 3.5 of the paper)

The last function, ones, simulates the BB(1-5) machines directly, reporting on the runtime, steps, and tape output. This outputs separate analysis than the finder because it uses the proven bounds for 1s output instead of shifts made.